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From Graphite to Bronze
Exhibition at the Cheng-Kim Loke Gallery

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Headquarters, Slimbridge
March 16th to May 12th  2014

This Spring, the Cheng-Kim Loke Gallery at WWT Slimbridge brings together a seemingly disparate group of artists, whose obvious passion for British wildlife, and birds in particular, is expressed wildly differing ways. “From Graphite to Bronze” (fG2B) is an exhibition of dazzling breadth.  It does what is says on the tin; showcasing a staggering variety of media, from graphite and charcoal drawings, through paints, prints and pastels to sculpture in wood, paper, fused glass and bronze resin. 

The show also matches stalwarts of the wildlife art genre with some less familiar names.  Michael Miller is a founder member and trustee of the Association of Animal Artists, whose traditional oil paintings will hang alongside those of contemporary artist and illustrator Andrew Beckett.  Andrew has adapted a technique which is drawing based, but with the application of coloured oil, on primed canvas panels.  The results of both are spectacular.

Norfolk artist David Cook will be familiar to WWT members.  He has been drawing and painting for over 60 years and is the first Life Honorary member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society.  David will have several of his innovative paper-cuts and paper sculptures on display. His favourite subject is wildfowl, as is that of  lino-cut artist Thelma K Sykes.  Says Thelma, “My compositions reflect my interest in the development of pattern; whether it be the plumage of ducks, their reflection upon the water, or the movement of the water itself.”

Amongst the newer names in the collective is Rob Symington, a former artist in residence at Chester Zoo.  Another frequent visitor to the zoo is pastel specialist Wendy Youlton, “I enjoy completing every part of the picture-making process myself,” she says, “from taking my own reference photos to making each picture's frame.” 

Most of the artists featured in fG2B hale from the North West.  All are friends and colleagues of Cheshire wildlife artist David A Finney, who not only arranged this Slimbridge show, but also helps co-ordinate and set up the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art (NEWA).   Alongside Rob Symington and glass-sculptor Chrissie Smith, David sits on an organising committee chaired by watercolourist Marion Tuffrey. All the fG2B artists are regular contributors to NEWA and many have won awards at this prestigious event. Since its inception in 1994, NEWA has enjoyed a growing international reputation for the sheer quality and variety of the art works on display. 

From Graphite to Bronze brings a taste of that quality and variety to Slimbridge, where the extensive wetlands are sure to provide further inspiration; says Chrissie, “A neglected river, thriving reed beds or water meadows are often my starting points because these are opportunities to become involved with the wildlife.” As Andrew Beckett puts it “It's always a challenge going out with sketchbook and watercolours, exposed to the elements and trying to capture a fleeting moment before its gone.” “But,” he adds “exhilarating and rewarding if you think you've got close to what you saw.”  See for yourself; from Graphite to Bronze opens at Slimbridge on March 16th and continues to May 12th.

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"Earth Ark"
A Photographic Safari through Northern Botswana by Steven Stockhall and Kim Thompson.
"The awesome beauty of Botswana’s Northern Territory is brought to life in the pages of this first book by specialist wildlife guide and photographer, Steven Stockhall and wildlife artist, Kim Thompson. It represents the passion and love for wildlife and wilderness held by both and is the culmination of over four years planning, hard work and devotion to a dream to show this region to a wider audience."

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